The Boeing 737 is a twin narrow-body airliner commonly used in medium-range flights by renowned companies. Our fixed-base simulator is a replica that aims to provide the most realistic experience through the authentic feel of the equipment, such as the overhead panel, central pedestal, and flight controls. Regarding the certification capabilities, our baseline starts as FNPT II and goes up to FTD II.


Small curiosity, the A320 was the first civil aircraft to introduce fly-by-wire technology. Our Flight Simulator System is as astonishing as this aircraft. To achieve this, we created a full-scale replica of the cockpit and its elements. With a visual display of 220 degrees horizontal field-of-view for the immersive experience. Our product complies with EASA and FAA certification requirements.


This twin-engine light aircraft has made its position as the ultimate choice for flight training schools. Our Tecnam P2006T FNPT II simulator is an excellent complement to the basic multi-engine piston training by allowing the students to practice and learn with a replication of the aircraft cockpit. The combination of Control Loading, In-house developed Software, and Hardware makes this synthetic flight training device an outstanding training tool.