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Flight Simulator Systems

FBC - AERONAUTIC designs, develops and manufactures Flight Simulator Systems. Our mission is to be a cutting-edge company in the industry producing fully certifiable products in accordance with the EASA, FAA, and ICAO requirements.

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FBC-Aeronautic was created 7 years ago with the earnest and enthusiastic need to provide the aviation industry with distinct/outstanding flight training devices that improve the overall aviation safety.


We strive to be an innovative company with professionals from diverse areas such as pilots, flight instructors, aeronautics, mechanical and electronic engineers, aeronautical designers, and software developers.


Our custom-made solutions are motivated to produce highly-efficient Flight Training Devices focused on cost-effective operation and reliability.

How we are different

We generate all of our products from raw-material, meaning that we are self-sufficient and all our components are created in-house, from the hardware to software and also the certification process. This process gives us the ability to provide our customers with tailor-made training devices, adjusting our software and hardware according to their operational requirements.


Design and Manufacture of all cockpit elements, and hardware from raw-material

24/7 support

Our 24/7 support is available to the customers requests and needs

Indoor Production

Productions and quantity are totally controlled indoors, meaning the time consumed by waiting for 3rd party suppliers for spare parts is cut short abundantly, making our support highly efficient

real cockpit fidelity

The fidelity of the cockpit and software compared to the real aircraft using state-of-the-art technology

custom software

Cockpit Software Development according to the aircraft specification and the possibility to manage it according to customer needs

exceptional reliability

Electronic development with specifically designed devices that were created to be fully compatible with the Software giving the device exceptional reliability